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A highly active contributor to, Tom’s relentless drive ensures that our emojis are constantly updated. He is also the Reddit addict among the staff writers and spends his free time surfing around various subreddits. Loves pizza so much that it’s his #1 most used emoji. Favourite Emoji: 🍕

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Snap Happier Emoji Meanings on Snapchat: The Definitive List

Become a Snapchat expert in moments with our definitive guide. Learn every emoji meaning and make more friends today.

Buzz Words Fly Emoji set to bug Unicode in new proposal

A proposal for a fly emoji has been submitted to Unicode, which would add a new flying insect into the standard.

Emoji News University tells students to stop using gender emojis in social media

Colorado State University has urged students to desist from using gendered emojis while on social media.

Emoji News Windows 10 Emojis Update: Unicode 11.0 Emojis added

157 new Windows 10 emojis have been added in an October OS update.

Emoji News Coin Emoji Proposal: Unicode to reconsider rejected emoji coin

A proposal for a coin emoji is currently being considered by the Unicode Consortium despite a previous rejection.

Emojis News iOS 12 rolls out with no Emoji 11.0

The latest iPhone and iPad operating system does not feature the new Emoji 11.0 symbols.

Emojis News Instagram emoji shortcut makes emoji messaging easier

Instagram has updated their mobile application with a new emoji shortcut bar for quicker messaging.

New Emoji? Feather emoji proposed for next Unicode emoji release

A new proposal that may tickle the Unicode Consortium could see a feather emoji join the current emoji lineup sometime next year.

Emojis News Mysterious poop emoji signs upset Californian residents

Mysterious adverts featuring the poop emoji are upsetting residents of Bakersfield California, who claim the area is being devalued.

Emoji News Vegan Burger emoji arrives courtesy of new app

Swedish fast food restaurant chain Max Burgers have launched a new Green Burger Emoji app, giving users the choice to use a meat free burger in messages.

Emojis News Lighthouse emoji proposed for future emoji release

A new proposal submitted to the Unicode Consortium would add a sequence for a lighthouse emoji.

World Cup Bookmaker Emoji Removed From #ItsComingHome Hashtag On Twitter

Twitter have dismantled William Hill branding from the #ItsComingHome hashtag on Twitter after accusations of promoting underage gambling

Emojis News Facebook shares data on most used emojis

Facebook have revealed some statistics about the most and least used emojis on their social media and Messenger platforms.

Emojis News Deaf Person Emoji Resubmitted by Apple: Now a ZWJ sequence

Apple have submitted another proposal for the deaf person emoji, this time as a ZWJ sequence rather than a full dedicated symbol.

New Emoji? Safety Vest Emoji and ZWJ sequence proposed

A new proposal to the Unicode Consortium seeks to add a safety vest emoji into the official emoji standard.

New Emoji? Pickup truck emoji proposed to Unicode Consortium

A new pickup truck emoji has been proposed to the Unicode Consortium, which could be used to show vehicle based labor.

Emojis News Transgender flag emoji petition receives 2,000+ signatures

A petition calling for a transgender flag emoji to be added has received well over 2,000 signatures.

Emojis News Pope emojis added to Twitter for Ireland visit

Twitter users can access new emojis to mark the Pope's visit to Ireland.

Emojis News Facebook's glossier emojis are being rolled out

Facebook has redesigned many of its emoji symbols to feature a glossier look.

Emojis News New Samsung Smartphone launches with Emoji 11.0

Samsung's new Galaxy Note 9 has launched with over 80 new emoji symbols.