Mysterious poop emoji signs upset Californian residents

Mysterious adverts featuring the poop emoji are upsetting residents of Bakersfield California, who claim the area is being devalued.
A mysterious advert featuring the poop emoji is upsetting Californian residents..

The signs, which have have started cropping up in the Bakersfield area, seem to advertise a house buying service and feature the popular pile of poo emoji.

The advert reads “I buy 💩 houses” and includes a telephone number, presumably to indicate an interest in the service. What makes the situation even stranger is that the number forwards to a voicemail.

Poop Emoji Sign Scandal

Bakersfield residents have taken particular grievance with the distasteful signs, lodging numerous complaints to the local authorities.

Speaking to, Code Enforcement Supervisor Bill Owens said:  “This is just another form of blight in our neighborhoods.”

He further adds: “It seems like we’re getting an increase in these kinds of signs, and we’ve been getting an increase in the number of complaints from residents.”

It is suspected that the offending poop emoji signs are installed during the night time when policing and enforcement are at lower levels. These signs are also considered illegal due to their positioning on utility poles like power supplies. 

Speaking of the potential culprit’s questionable business practices and advertising strategy, local property appraise Gary Crabtree said: “They’ll find a way to acquire a property without payment of money. They’ll take possession and then renege on the deal.”

The sign is sure to resonate with the younger generation, the poop emoji being one of the most prominent of the thousands of available emojis - but Bakersfield residents feel that such signs could devalue house prices in the area.

Thus far, no one has claimed responsibility for the signs and no one has been reprimanded for the crime; there is currently a $1,000 prize for a successful conviction of the offending sign poster.
Tom Blackwell 17 Sep 2018

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