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A face with only a glimmer of a smile and rounded eyes. The presentation of this emoji means that it doesn’t appear to be entirely happy unlike many of the other smiley faces. The slight smile indicates an uneasiness meaning this emoji could be used in more negative scenarios than the smile would at first suggest. The face is also commonly known as the “This is Fine” face.

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How to use slightly smiling face emoji

The almost duplicitous meaning behind this emoji means that it could be used in certain conflicts or arguments. Let’s say you have a friend and you are discussing going to the cinema. You suggest a film that you really want to see but your friend is being particularly stubborn about this other film. You could respond with: Okay 🙂 If your friend is particularly perceptive, then they should pick up that you are not overly happy with the situation, maybe convincing them to try and find an alternative solution. As a general warning, this could also turn into an argument if caution isn’t exercised. This emoji could also be an effective tool if trying to avoid conversation with someone; a simple Slight Smiling Face alone would be enough to suggest that you are not too interested in conversation.

History of the 🙂 emoji

This emoji was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 and was later added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015; Unicode 7.0 also included the Slightly Frowning face.

Also known as
Slightly Happy
This Is Fine

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