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A blue heart that is rarely used as a sign of love. Instead, this heart signifies loyalty, trust and can even be used to indicate peace. Recently, the symbol has also been adopted by advocates of Autism Awareness. The blue colour of the heart could suggest that it is going cold and some have started using this to show friend zoning.

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How to use blue heart emoji

If you have recently been experiencing advances from a good friend suggesting a romantic intent, then you may speak to your other acquaintances using the Blue Heart Emoji. For instance, you could message something like: Guys, (insert name here) is acting a bit weird with me 💙 In the above example, you would most likely need to add some context - but it’s a good choice for setting the tone and topic of the discussion at hand.

History of the 💙 emoji

Approved in Unicode 6.0, Blue Heart was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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