Windows 10 Emojis Update: Unicode 11.0 Emojis added

157 new Windows 10 emojis have been added in an October OS update.
Microsoft is the latest big tech company to add support for Unicode 11.0 emojis.

They have added over 150 new emojis in their recent October 2018 update. This total includes all of the new Unicode 11.0 emojis.

Emoji users can look forward to 6 new smiley faces including the party face, hearts face, woozy face, hot face, cold face and begging eyes emoji face.

Another much-anticipated addition is a range of new hairstyles. Ginger hair, afro, white hair and bald hairstyles have all been added in the latest Windows 10 emojis release.

Fantasy symbols also received an update with new emojis for superheroes and their opposing supervillains. 

But it is the animal category that sees one of the biggest updates. Badgers, swans, kangaroos, peacocks and hippos are among 10 creatures to get their own emoji.

The food category has also received an update with the addition of the bagel, salt shaker and leafy greens emoji. A symbol has also been added for Chinese favourite moon cake.

There are also new body part symbols, new additions to the games category and more clothing items.

Microsoft first revealed the new designs for their emojis in July of this year. The update also includes a change to their gun emoji.

The design has been updated to resemble a toy water gun, bringing Microsoft in line with other vendors. The firm was previously criticised in the defense of their gun emoji.
Tom Blackwell 04 Oct 2018

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