iOS 12 rolls out with no Emoji 11.0

The latest iPhone and iPad operating system does not feature the new Emoji 11.0 symbols.
Apple's new operating system for iPhones and iPads does not feature the new Emoji 11.0 symbols.

The latest Emoji standard, which is live on Twitter and some Android systems, is also absent from the latest beta build.

It was expected that the new Emoji 11.0 symbols would be rolled out with iOS 12.0, which includes Apple's highly anticipated Memoji feature.

The California based developer even revealed their new emoji designs earlier in the year for World Emoji Day.

It seems that Apple device users will have to wait for a future software update to use the latest emoji. It is still believed that the new symbols could release this year.

The new symbols include food items like cupcakes, new animals and even new hairstyles. This includes the much requested ginger hair emoji. Other noteworthy symbols include a superhero, supervillain and lobster emoji. Twitter was among the first of the tech giants to install the emojis, with Samsung and Google following close behind.

iOS 12 comes bundled with Memojis which gives users the opportunity to build their own custom emojis to use in messages, gifs and videos.

The feature is a direct answer to Samsung's own AR Emojis, which were recently rolled out onto older generation devices like the S8 and Note 8. The update also included slow motion video capture capped at 480 fps.
Tom Blackwell 21 Sep 2018

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