New Samsung Smartphone launches with Emoji 11.0

Samsung's new Galaxy Note 9 has launched with over 80 new emoji symbols.
Samsung's latest device has launched with over 80 new emojis.

The Galaxy Note 9 was released last week - and gives users access to a whole new range of emojis. 

The new symbols, included as part of Emoji 11.0, include new entries into the food, smiley face and hairstyles categories.

In the faces category, Note 9 users can use a new heart face, cold face, begging eyes emoji or a party emoji. 

There is also a range of new hairstyles including the long-awaited ginger hair emoji. Other symbols to note include the afro, grey hair and bald-headed emoji hairstyles.

The fantasy category has also received a major update with new symbols for a superhero and supervillain emojis.

Animals received one of the biggest updates. New symbols are now available for a badger, swan, hippo, parrot and the lobster emoji.

Food has also received a major update - new symbols for a mango emoji, leafy greens, bagel, cupcake and the mooncake emoji are included. Emoji 11.0 also introduced the salt shaker.

Samsung's existing emojis appear to be largely unaffected by the update. But their infinity symbol received a minor color tweak and it appears that the eye in speech bubble has been removed.

It's expected that over the next few months other Samsung devices will receive the latest OS. And this means they will also get access to the new Emoji 11.0 symbols.

The new Galaxy Note 9 handset features an all-new display and gives users access to the new Samsung Dex productivity tool.
Tom Blackwell 17 Sep 2018

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