Emoji Meanings on Snapchat: The Definitive List

Become a Snapchat expert in moments with our definitive guide. Learn every emoji meaning and make more friends today.
Let's be honest; Snapchat has a steep learning curve. 

And one of the most confusing aspects are the Snapchat emoji meanings. For example: why is there a tiny baby emoji next to a person you have known for years? 

If you are scratching your head about your emojified friend's list then we have you covered. We have collected every Snapchat emoji and what they mean in the only guide you will ever need. 

💛 Yellow Heart Emoji - The start of a beautiful friendship. If you see this gold heart next to a friend, it means you send them the most snaps - and they send the most snaps to you. Consider this person for your Christmas card list. 

❤️ Red Heart Emoji - The next step in any Snapchat friendship. If you have kept up the dedicated snaps over two weeks, then that yellow heart will turn into a red one. And this means you are BFFs. Awwww.

💕 Two Pink Hearts Emoji - Is it a bird? Is it a plane?! Nope, it's Super BFF status! You and your friend have shown dedication to each other for two months straight. And now you have these nifty hearts to show off your friendship!

🌟 Gold Star Emoji - See a gold star emoji next to your friend? Then they may have some Snapchat gold to show off. A gold star means that one or more people have replayed their snaps in a 24 hour period. All viral snaps start with the twinkling of this star.

👶 Baby Emoji - One of your friends has joined Snapchat - make them feel welcome with a snap or two.

😎 Sunglasses Face - See this cool emoji next to a contact? It means you share the same best friends as that person. An easy way to spark a conversation - and strengthen a friendship.

😬 Grimacing Face - That awkward moment when your #1 BFF is also the #1 BFF of someone else. And the feeling is summed up perfectly with this emoji. They do say three's a crowd after all... 

😏 Smirking Face - Have a friend that snaps you nearly every day - but you only send the occasional snap back? Don't be surprised to find a smirking face next to their name. It might be time to return some of the love... or continue playing hard to get.

😊 Smiling Face - Your second closest BFF. You snap this person a lot. Sure, they can't knock off your bestie from the friendship perch - but they are close.

🔥 Fire Emoji - You are on a roll baby! A fire next to a contact means you are on a snapstreak. And that means you have been swapping snaps with the same person for consecutive days.

💯 Hundred - If you can keep up the streak for 100 consecutive days... then the coveted 100 emoji will appear next to the fire. You must really like snapping this person...

Hourglass - Ever realised that your snaspstreak has ended and you feel that twinge of regret? You may be cursing that sudden urge for a spicy burrito with extra guacamole. No worries; watch out for the hourglass next to a contact. If you see this emoji - your snapstreak is about to end. Rekindle the fire by sending another snap. And then go about your previous burrito business.

🎂 Cake - If you see a cake next to someone's name - that means it's their birthday! Send them a snap to show them you are thinking of them on their special day. 
Tom Blackwell 06 Nov 2018

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