Vegan Burger emoji arrives courtesy of new app

Swedish fast food restaurant chain Max Burgers have launched a new Green Burger Emoji app, giving users the choice to use a meat free burger in messages.
A Swedish fast food chain have launched a new app that gives users the chance to message with a vegan burger emoji.

Max Burgers, a worldwide food franchise with over 120 stores, created the Green Burger Emoji app, which is available for download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

The app gives users far more food emoji options, ranging from veggie burger emojis to salads all the way to meat free chicken nuggets.

Vegan Burger Emoji App Details

Alongside attractive, emoji looking symbols that would fit right in with a new emoji release - the new Green Burger Emoji app also describes the food in mouth watering fashion, as if you are browsing a real restaurant menu.

The menu starts with a delightful chicken burger emoji, topped with sriracha ketchup and mayo. For more spicy palettes, we have the Chili ‘N’ Cheese burger, topped with flaming toppings and covered in melted cheese.

Completing the selection of delicious emoji includes several other burger items, chicken nuggets (which the app explicitly explains are made from soy protein) and a halloumi salad. 

The new vegan burger emojis can be activated in a rather simple fashion; simply download the app on your respective platform and then follow the instructions to enable these new emoji. 

Richard Bergfors, CEO of Max Burgers said in response to the apps release: “There is not a lack of great tasting green burger or vegetarian food, but there is a lack of green options among emoji burgers.”

The fast food chain are huge advocates of making a positive environmental impact, recently launching the world’s first climate friendly burger.

Vegan emoji options have seemingly become a priority for designers and platform holders, with Google recently updating their emoji salad to more resemble a traditional leafy salad.
Tom Blackwell 17 Sep 2018

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