Gboard now gives you customised Mini emojis based on your selfie

Using your selfie, Gboard now creates customised emoji Minis based on your look.
Gboard has introduced a brand new emoji flavoured feature: Minis.

In a new blog post, Google describes the new customisable feature for their popular Android and iOS keyboard app.

The new Mini stickers use your selfie photo to generate emojis based on your looks.

This is all thanks to machine learning technology. Google also links to a 2017 blog post titled Neural Network-Generated Illustrations in Allo. This suggests they have been working on the feature for quite some time. 

The new Mini Gboard stickers come in three varieties. In addition to an emoji style, users can also choose to customise their stickers with the bold or sweet style.

According to the blog post, Bold can be used when you are feeling extra or over the top. And sweet is perfect for those subtle and softer occasions.

To get started with your own Gboard Minis, you will first need to take a selfie. Google's machine learning algorithms will then suggest skin tone, hair colour and even accessories. But you do not have to conform to Google's suggestions.

You can decorate your emoji Mini in any way you see fit. You can even dress them up to match special occasions or events. This also means that different hair types can be used on previously incompatible emoji. The wizard emoji, for example, can now be given a ginger look.

People emojis like the shrug can also be customised with different hair colours, giving the new feature serious flexibility. Google Gboard Minis may draw some inspiration from Bitmoji. Memoji and Samsung's AR Emoji characters.

The new feature is now available on Android and iOS devices across the world. 
Lauren Williams 01 Nov 2018

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