Apple Bagel Emoji Fixed in iOS 12.1 Beta

Apple has responded to complaints regarding their previous bagel emoji design, releasing a new design in iOS 12.1 beta.
Apple's bagel emoji has been fixed in the iOS 12.1 Beta.

The new bagel emoji now boasts a more handmade, dough-like look. There is also a generous spread of cream cheese on the inside.

It is also heralded as one of Apple's most detailed emojis to date, sporting an almost photo-realistic look.

The American tech company received backlash upon revealing their previous bagel emoji design.

Bagel lovers highlighted many flaws: including an unnaturally smooth exterior and the lack of cheese filling. Apple was accused of representing a factory made bagel.

New York residents, in particular, found issue with Apple's bagel emoji design and took to Twitter to protest.

Pat Kiernan, presenter for Spectrum News NY1, damned the previous design, stating:
You call this factory-produced bagel an emoji that stands for all bagels??? New Yorkers demand more.

But it seems the concerns have been addressed with the new look. 

Popular cream cheese brand Philadelphia celebrated the new bagel emoji with the following Tweet:

Hooray! Bagel lovers everywhere united and convinced @Apple to turn the plain #SadBagel into a delicious #HappyBagel and we are celebrating. #ItMustBeThePhilly

The iOS 12.1 beta is currently only available for developers and public beta testers. It is likely that a full release of the update will release in late fall.

One other change in the beta is a subtle clicking sound when activating the camera or light on the lock screen. The group FaceTime feature has also been re-enabled. No other notable changes are included in the new iOS 12.1 Beta build.
Aaron Braund 16 Oct 2018

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