Coin Emoji Proposal: Unicode to reconsider rejected emoji coin

A proposal for a coin emoji is currently being considered by the Unicode Consortium despite a previous rejection.
A coin emoji has been proposed to the Unicode Consortium - despite a previous rejection.

The latest request is authored by David McCarthy and Jennifer 8. Lee of Emojination. The new proposal hopes to sway Unicode to add another way to describe money.

There are currently 11 available money related emojis - none of which display a coin. It is expected that the coin emoji would not only be used to show money - but also to highlight something valuable like treasure or to show wealth. The symbol could also be used when discussing anything to do with metal.

The design of the emoji shows a generic gold coin with a leaf-like emblem in the center. 

The proposal suggests that usage for the emoji would be extremely high based on Google Trend and social data. The term coin is compared to existing emojis credit card, dollar and yen. Coin proves to be a more popular term than the other three money emojis.

Social media site Instagram shows that there are over 900,000 posts with hashtags that involve the term coin, showing potential high usage.

The last proposal for a coin emoji was logged by the consortium in 2017.  The proposal was rejected due to the already expansive selection of emojis to describe money.

But as the proposal points out, several of the existing currency symbols rely on symbols that are only used by 40% of the global population.

Emojination is an emoji activist group who have had several notable emojis added to the official standard. This includes the hijab and dumpling emojis. The group also has 20 candidate emojis for the upcoming Emoji 12.0 release that is due next year.
Tom Blackwell 27 Sep 2018

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