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Kicking up a fuss Apple's black foot emoji has a major flaw - and Twitter isn't happy about it

Apple faces more social media backlash after users point out issues with their black foot emoji design

New Heights Ladder Emoji steps up in new Unicode proposal

Documents suggest a new ladder emoji could be on the way soon thanks to a new proposal.

AR Fun Guaranteed Google Playmoji and Playground app revealed

Google's new Playground app features Playmoji packs for AR entertainment.

Emoji News Gandhi Emoji on Twitter: 150th birth Anniversary commemorated with emoji

From the 2nd October, Twitter users can access a commemorative Gandhi emoji by using certain hashtags

Emoji News Emoji 13.0 isn't due till 2020 - but it already has three provisional emojis

Pickup truck, headstone and bell pepper could make the cut for 2020

Emojis News Disney team up with Samsung for Zootopia AR Emojis

Samsung has added a new range of AR emojis from Disney's Zootopia franchise.

Emoji News Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles brought to life with Samsung AR Emojis

Pixar’s beloved super family The Incredibles are now available to use as AR emojis on Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.

New Emoji? Ninja emoji proposed for future emoji release

The next emoji release could see the arrival of the deadly ninja emoji, a symbol which promotes the ancient art of ninjutsu.

Emojis News Earthquake Emoji design competition launched by scientists

Geo-scientists have expressed interest and concern in the lack of an earthquake emoji, something they hope to change with an earth shattering competition.

Emojis News White Wine Emoji sequence proposed: Could land before Unicode v12

A new sequence suggestion could add a White Wine emoji before the upcoming Unicode 12 release.

Emojis News Mate emoji proposed: Could expand beverages category

A mate emoji has been proposed to the Unicode Consortium, giving users a new way to describe the South American drink.

Emojis News Group of artists create Climojis: Emojis focused on climate change

A group of artists have created Climojis; a new set of emojis focused on climate change.

Emojis News Taiwan Flag Emoji Crash Bug fixed On China Region iPhones

Apple have fixed a bug that crashed iPhones set to the China region if they received the Taiwan flag emoji within an app.

Emojis News Interracial couple emojis proposed: May extend to families in future

A new proposal seeks to add 55 new ZWJ sequences to represent interracial couples.

Emojis News Proposed tissue box emoji could be perfect for teary moments

A new proposal with the Unicode Consortium could see the addition of a tissue box emoji to describe emotional moments or sneezing.

Emojis News Unicode votes in favor of interracial couple emojis

A proposal for interracial couple emojis has been passed by the Unicode Consortium.

Emojis News Mojito emoji suggested by spirits giant Bacardi

Spirits company Bacardi campaign want a mojito emoji for National Rum Day

Emojis News Marvel Studios celebrates 10 years with emoji heroes and villains

Marvel Studios has released a new graphic depicting 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in emoji form.

Emoji News Emoji eviction notice causes a stir online

An eviction notice featuring an emoji has been served in an apartment complex in Memphis, Tennessee.

Samsung AR Emoji Samsung AR Emoji gives users even more customisation options

Samsung are giving users even more customisation options in their latest AR Emojis update.