Proposed tissue box emoji could be perfect for teary moments

A new proposal with the Unicode Consortium could see the addition of a tissue box emoji to describe emotional moments or sneezing.
A new tissue box emoji could fulfill multiple roles within the Emoji standard thanks to a new proposal.

The 12-page document submitted by the team at Emojination details the need for a tissue box emoji and the multiple uses it could have.

An example of what a tissue box emoji could look like is attached, showing a pink box with a single piece of white tissue paper coming out of the top.

The proposal starts with a description of the invention and history of the tissue box for some context and to establish the emojis historical importance.

CLDR short names for the tissue box symbol are also included and terms like tissue, hanky and handkerchief could all be used - as well as branded terms like Kleenex.

It’s expected that the tissue box could see high usage due to the number of different uses that everyday tissues have. They could be used to describe a mess to clean up, to describe a sad situation or to represent blowing your nose after a sneeze.

The term “Tissue Box” has over 8 million results on Google - and is mentioned over 60,000 times in Instagram hashtags. Google trends show that the term tissue box shows only a little less interest than the term Kleenex.

The proposal suggests that a tissue box emoji is a highly requested item on social media, but provides no direct evidence to the claims. 

The team at Emojination have submitted over 20 emojis this year alone, with a number of their proposed symbols being considered for the next milestone emoji release.
Beth Walker 17 Sep 2018

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