Google Playmoji and Playground app revealed

Google's new Playground app features Playmoji packs for AR entertainment.
Google today announced upcoming Playmoji packs for its new flagship devices: Pixel 3 and 3 XL.

The packs will be used with the new Playground app, which replaces Google's AR Stickers.

Playmoji will allow users to make videos and photos featuring animated emoji style characters. 

Packs for Pets, Sports, Signs and Weather are all downloadable via the Google Play store with more expected at a later date.

Examples of the app in action show a woman balancing an emoji style sun on her head. And in another example, a man interacting with an emoji style dog.

It seems that the new packs will also have some branding potential. This is demonstrated with another video showing a user taking video with Marvel's Iron Man. This leaves the door open for Google to release their own branded Playmoji packs.

Samsung historically has also used their own AR Emoji app for branding purposes. Specifically: to bring several Disney franchises to life.

One of Google's developers, Rajan Patel, also showed an example of the app working in selfie mode as he and his family posed with Iron Man.

It also seems that the new Playmojis will use elements of Machine Learning and AI to recommend content based on the scene. From Google's blog post:

"And for those moments when you aren’t quite sure where to start, Playground makes real-time suggestions to recommend content based on the scene you’re in"

Google's Playground app and Playmoji means they can now compete with similar offerings from Apple and Samsung.

Earlier this year, Apple unveiled Memojis which allow iPhone and iPad users to create their own emoji likenesses. These characters can then be used in videos and pictures. The feature was officially rolled out with iOS 12.

Samsung also upgraded their own AR Emoji app to feature more customisation options. They have also released packs for Disney films like Frozen and the Incredibles during this time.
Beth Walker 16 Oct 2018

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