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A face with wide eyes, flushed cheeks and a neutral mouth; the eyebrows are raised in a surprised fashion. Also known as the Blushing Face. Could be claimed that this is the emoji form of the text expression :$ which is often used to signify embarrassment. The face can differ depending on platform, with some platforms opting for a more downcast look.

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How to use flushed face emoji

Has one of your friends shared something a bit TMI with you? Maybe someone has said something to you that has made you feel all flushed? In either case, the Flushed Face is a good way to show embarrassment or even shyness.The face is a good way to react to an embarrassing situation or if you have made a mistake. This is the kind of face you would use if your friend accused you of eating all the chocolate biscuits. And you did. The Flushed Face can also be used to react to a love interest or in flirty situations. Due to the shyness implied in the blushed cheeks, it can even appear subtly sexy. In cases where you are complimented on your choice of dress or how your general appearance looks, you can use this face alone to portray a sense of innocence and cuteness.

History of the 😳 emoji

Flushed Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 and added to Emoji 6.0 in 2015 joining faces like Grinning Face, Tear Face and Beaming Face.

Also known as
Blushing Face

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