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Commonly referred to as the ROFL emoji - this face indicates extreme humour to the point of actually becoming incapacitated. The eyes of the Rolling on the Floor laughing face form a sideways V shape and the emoji sits on an angle, suggesting movement and laughter. This is commonly paired with the Tears of Joy emoji for maximum amusement expression.

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How to use rolling on the floor laughing emoji

Like the crying with laughter face, this emoji indicates that you find something hilarious. However, the ROFL face suggests that the intensity of humour is far greater than usual. Lets take an example; your friend tells you a story which involves a trip to the shops and an unfortunate encounter with a banana peel. An appropriate response could be something like: That doesnt sound very a-peeling 不不不

On some occasions, using this emoji alone is enough to show that you are crippled on the floor with laughter. Your friend completes the story, revealing that the banana peel was the cause of a painless (but embarrassing) fall in front of a rather attractive passer by. The emoji alone should be enough to revel in this unfortunate (but hilarious) situation.

History of the 不 emoji

This emoji was approved with Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and was added to Emoji 3.0 in the very same year. This release also saw the inclusion of Drooling Face and Sneezing Face.

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