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A sad face with tears literally streaming down both cheeks - the mouth is open as if sobbing loudly. Known as the Bawling Face or the Sobbing Face. Versions of this face across the platforms are generally uniform, but some emphasise the tears with a forming puddle underneath the face.

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How to use loudly crying face emoji

The face is used to express extreme sadness and can therefore be used in practically any sad situation. It’s not uncommon for messengers to just message the face alone in response to something sad. Interestingly enough however, there are some who like to use this face for purposes other than sadness. Imagine a cute bunny - this is the fluffiest bunny you have ever seen and it is gnawing at miniature carrot. This thing is so damn cute in fact - that it’s almost driving you to tears. You could respond to the creature with a Loudly Crying Face, letting the recipient know that you find the creature so insanely adorable it’s making you weep.

History of the 😭 emoji

Released in the iconic Emoji 1.0 update, this face was originally approved in Unicode 6.0. It joined faces like CWL face and the Grinning Face.

Also known as
Sad Tears

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