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An angry looking face with steam coming out of the nose. Used to indicate anger, frustration and is a common way to express that you are having a huff. Also known as Mad Face. The official Unicode name is Face With Look of Triumph.

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How to use face with steam from nose emoji

Let’s say you are trying to put together a model of something; it’s one of those models with lots of small, near microscopic parts. You may have worked on this model for several hours - but a misplaced elbow sends the whole thing crashing down. Before you hurl it at the wall, you would likely use the Face With Steam From Nose emoji to express your utter disdain and frustration. In a messaging scenario, the face is often used as an opener for questions like β€œHow are things going?”. In the above example, your friend texts you asking how the model is coming along - you could text back the face alone followed by several lines of colourful verbose. The emoji can also be used as a way to highlight something is frustrating at the end of a sentence.

History of the 😀 emoji

Face With Steam From Nose was added as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015. This version of Unicode was particularly iconic, introducing the world to faces like Sunglasses Emoji, Smirking Face and the Sleep Face.

Also known as
Airing of Grievances
Mad Face

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