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A face with raised eyebrows, wide eyes and an open gaping mouth. Similar to the Hushed Face albeit without the O shaped mouth. Can be sometimes referred to as the Pained Face.

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How to use anguished face emoji

With an expression that evokes feelings of disappointment, shock and worry - this emoji is a solid choice in many different situations. Imagine that you were looking forward to buying an item of clothing; when you last checked, there were about 100+ of this item in stock. But when you go to finally purchase the item - you realise that they are all sold out. This is the perfect opportunity for a depressed, Anguished Face message. This emoji is particularly effective when responding to messages and you would like to express surprise. Let’s say you found out that one of your friends actually purchased the piece of clothing that you yourself wanted to buy. In this situation, a message like this would suffice: 😧I was going to get that!

History of the 😧 emoji

The Anguished Face was approved in Unicode 6.1 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015. This version of Unicode was not the biggest update, but still saw some favourites added like Face with Tongue and Kissing Face.

Also known as
Pained Face

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