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A sad face with a single teardrop running down the cheek. The Crying Face emoji is often just called Crying or the Tear Face. Different platform versions are mostly similar but with some differences around which eye the tear is coming from and the actual eye shapes.

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How to use crying face emoji

Used to represent sadness, this emoji fits in with almost any melancholic scenario. If you were looking forward to a meet up with a friend and then they suddenly cancel on you, then you could use the face to express your sadness. If you were looking forward to buying something and then realise it's out of stock then once again this emoji is a good choice. This face is also particularly good for reacting to sad news or whilst responding to depressing social media posts. Let’s say your friend lets you know that a cake they were making was left way too long in the oven and now kind of resembles a very black piece of rock. A perfectly adequate response would be the crying face alone, letting them know that you are equally saddened by the death of their baked confection.

History of the 😢 emoji

Crying Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015. This update was a major milestone for emojis introducing many of the most popular faces including Grinning Face, Smiling Face and the CWL Face.

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