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A face with an unhappy mouth and worried looking eyes; the eye brows in particular are raised in a worried or alarmed fashion. Representation of the Worried Face on the various platforms is largely uniform, but there are some versions that adopt the closed eye style rather than the rounded eye style.

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How to use worried face emoji

Heading to a party and worried who you might bump into? Perhaps you are stuck in traffic and are likely to be late for something important? Whatever the worrying scenario, the Worried Face has you covered. There’s no official etiquette around the emojis usage, but it is sensible to accompany some kind of explanation of what you are actually worrying about. Unless of course, you are trying to empathise with someone’s worry. Let’s say your friend has just had an important test - but they think they messed it up due to a lack of sleep and ill preparation. They finish off with a worried face - in this case it is perfectly acceptable to send a worried face back to share their worry. However, it would be ill advised to send the face if the original messenger has not indicated worry or show a hint of sadness..

History of the 😟 emoji

Worried Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.1 and later added to the first ever Emoji release (Version 1.0). This version of emoji included Confused Face, Hushed Face and the Expressionless Face.

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