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A face with rounded eyes and a wide open mouth. This emoji almost looks like it is yawning and can be known as the Yawning face. Despite what the name implies, the various platforms often depict this face with no frowning expression.

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How to use frowning face with open mouth emoji

Some say the face looks like it is yawning, but the wide rounded eyes suggest otherwise. And the lack of any frown in almost all platform versions quashes any situation where a frown would be needed. In fact, the main usage of the face is to suggest shock or awe and it is particularly effective purposed like this - even considering how many similar emojis there are for surprise. Let’s say your friend posts a picture to your social group dressed as a giant corn dog. No context is given, even after several hours. In this case, you could break the silence and find out the root of your friends sudden madness by using the face alone in response, instantly demonstrating your confusion.

History of the 😦 emoji

This emoji was approved in Unicode 6.1 and joined the emoji family in the 1.0 emoji release.

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