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Similar to the Grinning Face but with a more traditional arching emoji eye style. Typically, this emoji will also have a full set of teeth exposed, but this can vary depending on the platform you use. The emoji can have several uses like showing happiness, indicating agreement or conveying contentment.

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How to use beaming face with smiling eyes emoji

There are a number of happy emojis out there, but there’s something particularly warm about the Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes. And it’s a great tool to use when you want to show a warm, comforting happiness. For instance, your friend ditched that horrible sweater in favour of a more fashionable turtleneck with matching gloves. You could say: It suits you 😁

Chaining several of these emojis together can also indicate excitement in place of other emojis. Let’s say your friend decides to ditch the turtleneck (which you kind of thought was horrible anyway) and suggests to go shopping. You could say: Let’s go! 😁😁😁

History of the 😁 emoji

Unicode Version 6.0 was a landmark for emojis, including some of the most popular emoticons to date. And the Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes emoji joined the likes of Winking Face and Neutral Face Emoji Version 1.0 rolled out in 2015.

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