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A sad face with an unhappy mouth and downcast eyes - also referred to as the Sad Face and considered to be one of the ways to express :( in emoji form. Similar to Pensive Face, but not quite as remorseful. Some platform versions prefer to represent the eyes as rounded, while others opt for sad arching lines.

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How to use disappointed face emoji

Imagine that you have been planning a holiday with your partner - you were supposed to be jetting off to somewhere tropical and sunny for two whole weeks. The day of your holiday arrives, but the flights are cancelled due to freak weather. Insert the Disappointed Face here. This expression is great and can be used in all sorts of situations. Something you desperately need out of stock at your normally well stocked local supermarket? Disappointed Face. Friend cancelled your meet up because of a busy work meeting? Disappointed Face. As you can see, this face has multiple uses - with the added bonus in social situations that it could make someone feel bad, potentially resulting in a favourable outcome for yourself.

History of the 😞 emoji

Disappointed Face was approved in Unicode 6.0 and added to Emoji 1.0 five years later. This version of Unicode included many favourites including CWL Face.

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