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A star seemingly circling around upon itself, often used to indicate dizziness. Commonly referred to as Circle and Star or simply Dizzy. In popular media, specifically comic books or cartoons, stars around a head are used to show a character is disoriented or confused, which could be the inspiration for this emoji.

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How to use dizzy emoji

This symbol has a variety of uses outside of its intended meaning; for example, the Dizzy Emoji can be used to symbolise that you are lost or confused as to where to go. Let’s say that you are on a hiking trip, but you get lost in some forested area that would look out of place in a horror movie. An example text using this emoji in this situation could be something like: guys I’m lost please send help 💫 Another use for the Dizzy Symbol emoji is to show your status after a heavy night or day out. In response to a question like how are you doing - you could say something like: 💫 not too well to be honest. The emoji can also be used if someone tries to explain something to you in text form but you don’t understand it. Simply texting back the symbol alone can indicate that you do not understand the concept. You could then follow this up with a request for more clarification.

History of the 💫 emoji

Approved in Unicode 6.0 in 2010, the Dizzy Symbol Emoji was later added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Also known as
Circle And Star

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