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A red love heart with a crack down the middle. Also known as Breaking Heart or Brokenhearted. Commonly used to demonstrate the feeling of a broken heart with the end of a relationship or an otherwise sad event.

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How to use broken heart emoji

The most glaring use for this emoji is to express the end of a relationship or your sadness at the end of said relationship. However, the emoji doesn’t need to be used in such a serious way and can be fun to use in a steady and loving relationship. Let’s say you are having a playful argument with your significant other and they disagree with your choice of Doritos for snacking later. They claim that cool original is just a lame ready salted - obviously the only reaction is to show your broken, bleeding heart over such a statement. The Broken Heart emoji can also be used in less serious cases where you don’t actually have a broken heart - but are still saddened by the news. Your favourite brand breaking up, your local Italian restaurant closing down, a new videogame you were looking forward to getting cancelled - all of these could be candidates for the Breaking Heart emoji, showing you are very sad and distraught by the news.

History of the 💔 emoji

Approved in Unicode 6.0, the Broken Heart was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015 and was also joined by the Red Love Heart emoji.

Also known as
Breaking Heart
Heart Broken

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