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A pink heart glistening with sparkles, commonly used to draw attention. Also known as the Sparkle Heart, Sparkly Heart or Stars Heart.

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How to use sparkling heart emoji

Popular with Instagrammers and Twitter users the world over, the Sparkling Heart emoji is the perfect heart to use for social media posts, especially if anything to do with fashion. The sparkle effect on the heart has the same effect as the Sparkle Emoji, showing something is new or fresh. Can also be used in romantic instances, but not as provocative or passionate as using the red heart.

History of the 💖 emoji

Approved in Unicode 6.0, the Sparkling Heart emoji was added to Emoji version 1.0 in 2015. This update added many of the most popular heart emojis such as Two Hearts, Broken Heart, Beating Heart and the Heart with Arrow.

Also known as
Sparkle Heart
Sparkly Heart
Stars Heart

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