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A hand forming the middle finger and index finger into a V shape, used to indicate peace but also used during the Second World War to symbolise victory. In British culture, reversing the two fingers and using the back of the hand is considered an offensive insult akin to giving the middle finger. Commonly referred to as the Peace Sign or V Sign.

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How to use victory hand emoji

The Victory Hand emoji is the equivalent of saying “I come in peace” and is universally recognised as a peace symbol. In this case, it could be used to diffuse a hostile messenger or to enter into a messaging scenario with someone who may be angry at you. Let’s say you have an argument with your significant other - you decide that maybe you should be the first to break the silence and make up. You could enter with the Victory Hand Sign Emoji, both coming across as humorous but also retaining the virtue behind the gesture. A less common way to use the emoji is to use it in the victory context; let’s say you are about to play in a soccer match and wish to get your team pumped for the match. You could write and send something like: Come on we’re going to smash them - I can feel it ✌️

History of the ✌ emoji

Approved in Unicode 1.1, Victory Hand Sign was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Also known as
Air Quotes
Peace Sign
V Sign

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