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A muscular arm flexing an impressively shaped bicep - this is the arm of someone who clearly lifts. One of the many emojis that supports skin tone modifiers. Other names for this symbol include feats of strength, strong or the flexing arm muscles emoji.

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How to use flexed biceps emoji

The Flexed Biceps emoji is most commonly used when a person wants to show off their physical prowess. In terms of showing off physicality, you could simply use the emoji in a comment under your post or selfie to highlight said physical fitness. You can also use the muscle emoji to boast about a successful (or upcoming) physical activity; you will most likely need some context to give the emoji meaning however. For example, you have just done a run and want to inspire your out of shape friends. You could say something like: Just did a 10k run 💪💪 While this emoji is certainly applicable to anything involving exercise - you can also used the flexed arm when you want to show off an impressive result or achievement; as if you’re showing off the ‘guns’. Let’s say you applied for a job and were notified that you were successful. You could message your friends something like: You know that job I went for? Start on Monday 💪

History of the 💪 emoji

The Flexed Bicep emoji was added in Emoji 1.0 and was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010.

Also known as
Feats of Strength
Flexing Arm Muscles

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