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A hand gesture in the shape of the universally know thumbs up gesture. Typically used to indicate something is okay or used as a sign of agreement. Also used to suggest that you like something; this usage was popularised by the Facebook and their famous like button. Officially known as the Thumbs Up Sign by Unicode.

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How to use thumbs up emoji

Similar to the OK emoji - this hand gesture has a variety of different uses, making it ideal for a wide variety of situations. Want to show your friend group that you are in agreement with somethings? Thumbs up emoji. Want someone to know that you have acknowledged something? Once again, a thumbs up sign will suffice. This emoji can also be used when browsing social media and you would like to react to something; in the case of Facebook however, this is often unnecessary as the platform has a like button. If however you want to buck the trend, be a rebel and potentially win some ironic likes, then stick a thumbs up on your next reactionary message.

History of the 👍 emoji

The Thumbs Up Sign Emoji was approved as part of the Unicode 6.0 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015. This version of Unicode was iconic for emojis and added many popular symbols such as the previously mentioned OK Hand, the Tears of Joy Face and the Person Sh

Also known as
Thumbs Up

How 👍 is displayed online

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