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A simple red flag emoji attached to a post or stick, similar in style to the flag in hole symbol, which suggests that this emoji has golf connotations. The red flag is also commonly known as the triangular flag due to the shape.

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How to use Red Flag emoji

At its most basic, this flag emoji can be used to suggest a quick round of golf. And that means any kind of golf, including crazy golf, normal skilled golf and the less popular toilet golf. Yes, toilet golf is a thing - well, at least that’s what department stores at Christmas will have you believe.

Bad gift ideas aside, the red colour of the flag means this emoji can be used in other creative ways that don’t necessarily use a golf club. For example, when sequenced with symbols like the clown or the circus tent emoji, this could suggest a trip to the circus. Similarly a rollercoaster combined with the red flag can suggest a trip to the funfair.

Sure, this flag can be used to suggest fun activities - but what if you are absolutely hopping mad about something? Thanks to the red of the flag, this symbol can be used to denote anger or to represent the term β€œseeing red”. Especially, if you add some additional angry emojis just to crank up the fury. An example of using the red flag emoji in this instance would read something like: not coming out tonight, absolutely fuming  πŸš©πŸ’’πŸ˜ 

History of the 🚩 emoji

Triangular flag was approved in Unicode 6.0; an update which also included tears of joy, chequered flag and the unamused face emoji. These emoji were eventually added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.


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