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A race flag emoji, also commonly known as the chequered flag. You will find this flag at Motorsports races, with the flag representing the start or end of a race.

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How to use Race Flag emoji

You don’t just have to be an exclusive motorsports fanatic to use this emoji; in fact, this flag can be used for almost any occasion which involves a start or finish. For example, you could set up a friendly competition with some friends: last one to the bar buys the drinks! 🏁 

Speaking of speedy entrances, due to the connotations with motorsports, the flag can be used to suggest something that is fast moving. Or on the flip side, you could use the flag to suggest a swift and timely exit.

The race flag emoji also comes in handy when an argument is about to start; it can be used as a way to fan the flames of drama or simply antagonise recipients even further. Combining the flag with a face like the rolling eyes emoji is utterly devastating. Let’s say one of your friends is about to lose it, you could preempt and use this effective combo: here we go again πŸπŸ™„

While the flag may be effective at the beginning of the argument, using it at the end could be compared to waving a red flag in front of a bull; we certainly don’t recommend it!

History of the 🏁 emoji

Chequered flag was approved in Unicode 6.0; an update which also included tears of joy, sleepy face and the police officer emoji. These emoji were eventually added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.


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