Twitter account reveals Twitter's least used emojis

Twitter's least used emoji has been updated thanks to a Twitter bot account.
A Twitter bot has revealed the social media networks least used emoji.

The account, Least Used Emoji Bot, has revealed that the Input Symbol for Latin Capital Letters is now Twitter’s least used emoji.

The square symbol features the letters A, B, C and D set against a gray and bluish style square; typically the symbol is used to toggle capital letters on a software keyboard.

The previous least used emoji was the aerial tramway emoji, which was Twitter’s least used emojis for a total of 77 days.

After rallying from various Twitter users and social media attention, more frequent usage of the aerial tramway has meant that the symbol is no longer the bottom of the emoji pile.

One of the biggest supporters of the aerial tramway emoji was the Facebook group known as NUMTOT (New Urbanist Memes for Transit-Oriented Teens) who passionately tweeted and posted about the emoji.

It is thought that the emoji’s lack of popularity is due to its similarities between the suspension railway emoji and the mountain cableway emoji. It is important to note however that when the bot actually launched, the suspension railway was the first emoji to be deemed the least popular.

Prior to aerial tramway, the non-potable water symbol was the least used emoji for a total of 80 days; this symbol is used to indicate unclean or unsafe drinking water.

The Least Used Emoji Bot was developed by Twitter user @nocturnalBadger and is fully dedicated to finding the social media network’s most unloved emoji. The robot checks the website and updates the feed at least once daily.
Aaron Braund 17 Sep 2018

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