How to Celebrate the Royal Wedding 2018 using Emoji

Want to celebrate the betrothal of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle using emoji? Then here’s the best Royal Wedding Emojis to use!
The beautiful couple - we have the perfect emojis to celebrate 2018's biggest wedding! (credit: Nashville Public Television)
The upcoming Royal Wedding is shaping up to the one of the biggest events of the year - and we have the perfect Royal Wedding emojis to help you celebrate.

On Saturday 19th May, the eyes of the world will be watching The Prince of Wales marry Meghan Markle at St George’s Chapel in what is sure to be the wedding event of 2018.

Social media is sure to be abuzz with messages reporting the events of this momentous occasion - and it’s fair to assume that emojis will be involved. But what emojis are available to show your support for the Royal wedding?

Let’s take a look at some of the best Royal Wedding emojis to use come Saturday:

Emojis fit for a Royal Wedding

Of course we have to start with the wedding related emojis - and there is a big selection to choose from to celebrate the big day. We have the wedding emoji itself, which is depicted as as a large Church with hearts. 

We then have the bride emoji complete with ceremonial veil - thanks to the skin tone modifier, you can even adjust the emoji to fit Meghan’s skin colour. You could even sequence the bride with the man in tuxedo emoji to depict Prince Harry, but sadly you may not be able to nail the Prince’s ginger hair. 

What marriage is complete without a bouquet of colourful flowers? For all your floral fancies, we have the aptly named bouquet emoji - which works well with other wedding staples like confetti and the stylish top hat emoji.
An example Royal Wedding emoji sequence
We also have the ring emoji with its sparkling diamond which again can help demonstrate the wedding ceremony. Of course, we’re pretty sure the prince has a more impressive looking rock for his wife to be than the one depicted in this emoji...

Not necessarily wedding related, but the couple with heart can be sequenced with marriage emojis (and maybe a few royal ones) to show that you are talking about the royal wedding. On the topic of romance related emojis, there’s an abundance of heart symbols to choose from that can fit the bill nicely - including the red heart emoji.

All of the above emojis have strong sequencing potential and when chained together easily describe a wedding event. But how do we turn these emojis into Royal Wedding emojis? 

Royal Emoji Sequencing

There are three emojis that are simply perfect for Saturday’s Royal wedding; the first of which is the crown emoji. Combining the crown symbol with the wedding or bouquet emoji instantly shows you are referring to Prince Harry’s and Ms.Markles betrothal. 
Remember to swap the bride emoji for a princess after the ceremony!
We also have the prince and princess emojis complete with golden crowns indicating their regal status. Both of these emojis support skin tone modifiers so once again, you can recreate the royal couple in emoji form. 

If you wanted to get particularly creative, you could demonstrate the Royal Wedding by combining the prince emoji with the bride emoji - and post wedding you could swap the bride out for a princess! With all of these emojis in the bag, you're all set for the big day. Just make sure you pack some tissues to wipe away any emotional tears *sobs quietly*
Aaron Braund 18 May 2018

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