Ramadan Emojis Now Live on Twitter To Celebrate Holy Month

To celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, Twitter has added a new crescent moon emoji alongside two previously designed Ramadan emojis.
Twitter has rolled out new emojis to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan.

The new Ramadan emoji is also joined by two symbols that were launched last year to celebrate this annual event. 

Celebrated by millions of Muslims the world over, during this holy month practitioners are required to endure a period of daily fasting which lasts from dawn until sunset.

How to access the Ramadan emoji

There are a total of three emojis to express yourself during this holy month of faith. The new addition this year is the crescent moon emoji, which can be accessed using the #Ramadan hashtag alongside a number of different language variants.

The symbol is significant as the event starts based on the sighting of the crescent moon, which this year was sighted in Saudi Arabia on May 15th.

Joining the Ramadan emojis are two returning symbols featuring updated designs; the first is the glass of yoghurt emoji used commonly to break fast during the event. You can use this emoji with the hashtag #Iftar_Ramadan or other language variants.

Finally, we have a Ramadan themed lantern, which also features a newly updated design. To use this emoji, you can use the hashtags #Ramadanlanterns, #Ramadan_lanter and #Kandil to name but a few.

Ramadan on Twitter: New Events

Alongside these new emojis, the popular social media website also has a month of exciting activities planned including a live streaming show which will focus on what’s happening in the Arab world; the debut of the show starts on May 17th via @YallaFeed.

In addition to the live streamed show, there’s also a Ramadan TV direct message experience courtesy of Layalina, live celebrity Q&A sessions throughout the holy month and for Indonesia users, the social media service is partnering with several resources to better share Ramadan information.
Beth Walker 12 Jul 2018

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