Play-Doh release poop emoji inspired play set

A new poop emoji themed Play-Doh set lets children make 50+ poo combinations. But the set has received criticism on social media.
Play-Doh have revealed a new playset inspired by the popular poop emoji.

The Poop Troop set is now available from all good toy stores including Amazon. The new set allows you to create over 50 poo combinations using 12 cans of Play-Doh.

The set, which has a recommended age rating of 3+, also comes with a range of accessories. Children can customise their poop characters with eyes, ears and even arms.

Play-Doh revealed the new set on their Facebook page to a mixed response. Several commentators noted that children shouldn't be encouraged to play with feces or toys resembling such.

The poop emoji's official name is pile of poop and was introduced into the emoji standard in 2015 as part of Emoji 1.0.

It has widely been accepted as one of the most popular emoji characters, spawning thousands of poop emoji themed items. Searching "poop emoji" on Amazon brings up over 2000 items in every category.

Emoji tracking site, which pulls emoji use data from Twitter, shows that the poop emoji is 113th place in popularity. Over 33 million Tweets have featured the emoji since the service launched.

The pile of poop has also found fame in Hollywood. Patrick Stewart voiced the poo emoji in 2017's "The Emoji Movie".
Lauren Williams 10 Oct 2018

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