New petition calls for a Camembert emoji

A French cheese manufacturer has started a petition for a Camembert emoji - which has already received over 1,000 signatures.
A French cheese manufacturer has started an online petition for a Camembert emoji - a petition that has attracted over 1,000 signatures.

Launched by Fromagerie Gillot, the petition seeks to expand the limited selection of dairy items available in emoji form.

The ultimate aim of the movement is to gain attention from the likes of Apple, Google and Samsung on World Emoji Day - which takes place on Tuesday July 17th.

The petition claims that the Camembert has: ”become a symbol of the preservation of the gastronomic heritage and flagship of the authenticity of our know-how.” 

The petition also claims that junk food has too much of an emoji presence, citing foods like hamburgers, fries, bacon and pizza. 

Fromagerie Gillot hopes that the petition can achieve 100,000 signatures by the time World Emoji Day rolls around. At the time of writing, the petition stood at 1,120 signatures. Alongside the petition, an #EmojiCamambert hashtag has also been created to promote the campaign on social media.

Steeped in heritage, the France based cheese manufacturer Fromagerie Gillot have created their signature Gillot Camembert since 1912, using an ancestral recipe and milk derived from Normande cows.

Despite the enthusiastic petition and promising start to the campaign, the emoji would still need to be submitted to the Unicode Consortium, who would have a final say on such a symbol’s addition. 

One potential sticking point for a Camembert emoji is the existence of a cheese emoji which could be used to represent the classic French cheese. However, the cheese emoji is usually depicted as a block of holey swiss cheddar and doesn’t share Camemberts unique looks.
Aaron Braund 17 Sep 2018

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