Feather Emoji proposed again: Shortlisted for 2020 emoji release

A feather emoji could see inclusion in the 2020 emoji release thanks to a successful proposal
The Unicode Consortium has added the feather emoji to the draft candidates for 2020.

A new proposal in favor of the feather emoji seems to have swayed voting members. Christian Kamkoff proposed the new symbol in a nine-page document. 

But this isn't the first call for the addition of a feather emoji. In fact, this is the second proposal of the year calling for the symbol.

In the latest proposal, the term "feather" is compared to existing emoji symbol terms: "paw print" and "spider web".

In various social media metrics, the feather outperforms both terms by significant margins. Google Trends shows there is far more interest for "feather" compared to the other terms. 

Instagram hashtag search also shows #feather to be more popular than #pawprint or #spiderweb. Finally, Google search shows more pages for feather than either "paw print" or "spider web".

It's expected that a feather emoji would not only see high usage, but there would be plenty of chances for sequencing. Phrases like "light as a feather" and "feather in your cap" are choice examples.

The emoji could also be sequenced with other symbols to create new meanings. The feather and a brain, for example, could show someone is "feather brained".

The proposal ends with a screenshot of social media users showing support (and want) for the feather emoji.

If successful, the symbol could be available on devices in Emoji 13.0. The next major emoji release at the time of writing is 11.0. It's expected that platform holders should have the latest standard launched by the end of this year.
Aaron Braund 17 Sep 2018

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