Emojis are now easy to insert with Google Chrome update

Google has updated its Chrome PC web browser with a new emoji keyboard.
Google has updated their popular Chrome web browser with an emoji keyboard.

As of Chrome PC version 68.0.3440.106, right clicking a mouse in a text area will bring up a new "Emoji" menu field.

Clicking this option will bring up an emoji selector and a search bar to find specific emoji. This mirrors functionality in messaging services like Whatsapp, which also has an emoji selector.

Chrome desktop and laptop users were previously restricted in their emoji usage. Workarounds included downloading emoji extensions or relying on external websites.

Google Chrome's emoji keyboard does not include emojis for 11.0. But these emoji may be included when the new symbols land on smartphones and tablets later this year. 

It seems Chrome's new emoji feature is still encountering some bugs however. Users are reporting that the keyboard does not work in some text fields. Inserting a symbol in an incompatible field will result in a broken text mess.

Google first started testing their new emoji keyboard back in April. The functionality was available in Chrome Canary, their browser test build.

Giving users easier access to emojis seems to be a priority for the world's big tech companies. Recently, Apple redesigned their MacBook Pro to have a touch bar with insertable emojis. Their own Animojis and Memojis are also trying to innovate within the emoji space.

Samsung too on their flagship S9 devices have their own AR Emojis, an application that is still seeing updates.
Lauren Williams 17 Sep 2018

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