Early feedback released for emoji version 12.0 candidates

Two Unicode documents suggest divisive opinions about the new symbols to be introduced with emoji version 12.0.
Two documents suggest divisive opinions about the new emojis to be introduced in emoji version 12.0.

The first document, submitted by Charlotte Buff, shows several problems with the new symbols - going as far to suggest that some were obsolete. 

The yawning face emoji, ice cube emoji and stethoscope were the main offenders for Buff, who highlighted that they could all be readily demonstrated by existing emoji and had similar meanings,

The ice cube emoji for instance can show coldness - as can existing emoji like snowflake, snowman or freezing face.

The authors biggest issue however came with the suggested coloured squares and circles that could be introduced. Suggesting that these emoji would see little use, she said: “Before we invent an entirely novel emoji syntax, we should investigate whether real people actually use existing emoji similar to the way the proposal outlines.”

She further comments: “In my experience, they don’t. I cannot remember a single occurrence anywhere on the internet of someone sincerely using shape emoji or other abstracted pictographs as if they were adjectives to convey some real meaning.”

In a follow up response to Buff’s comments, Eduardo Marin Silva showed several plus points for the opposed emojis in addition his own objections to the symbols presented. In this document, the author shows support for the yawning face emoji, ice cube and stethoscope emoji but shares a mutual dissatisfaction with coloured squares and circles.

In addition, the author shows issue with the ringed planet emoji (which is deemed to be unnecessary as it can only really represent Saturn) and the swimsuit emoji, which is shown to be more feminine and not male inclusive.

Shared opinions include the proposed falafel emoji, which is shown to be less popular than new food items to be introduced - and the service animal vest emoji.
Aaron Braund 17 Sep 2018

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