Astro Cat emoji discovered: Exclusive to Windows 10

Emoji enthusiasts have discovered a brand new Astro Cat emoji that is exclusively available via Windows 10.
A new Astro Cat emoji has been discovered in Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. 

The symbol, which is exclusive to Windows 10 for now, is actually a combination of the rocket and cat face emoji.

The two emojis are combined via a zero width joiner between the characters, resulting in the new symbol.

The astro cat emoji shows a cat wearing what looks to be a space suit complete with space helmet. Microsoft branding can also be spied on the right arm and a red band is wrapped around the helmet.

Oddly enough, the face of the cat doesn’t actually reflect the actual cat face available via Windows 10, which uses a different colour. The actual astro cat adopts a grey fur colour while the normal cat face is more of an orange and yellow.

The astro cat emoji joins two pre-existing Windows 10 exclusives; the hacker cat emoji (which is a combo of the PC and cat face emoji) and the ninja cat emoji (a combination of the cat face and silhouette emojis).

At the time of writing, only Windows 10 supports the new combination; using on other platforms will merely result in a cat face next to a rocket.

The new emoji was first discovered by Emojipedia and joins a huge lineup of emojis that rely on the ZWJ sequence. 

The latest official ZWJ emoji character to be added to all platforms is the pirate flag emoji, which is the combination of the skull and crossbones with the black flag. This ZWJ sequence will be available in Emoji 11.0 - which is currently being rolled out to all platforms and is expected to be fully implemented later this year.
Aaron Braund 17 Sep 2018

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