Apple Bagel Emojis: Social media pans bagel emoji design

Apple has finally released Unicode 11.0 emojis as part of iOS 12.1. But users are unhappy with the bagel emoji's presentation.
Apple announced this week that they were finally releasing their long-awaited Unicode 11 emojis - including the bagel emoji.

The iOS 12.1 update brings over 70 new emojis - including various food items, new hairstyles and brand new animals.

However, social media has erupted in outrage due to the appearance of Apple's bagel emoji design. With a vocal majority hailing from New York.

The biggest criticism levied towards the popular breakfast item is the smooth appearance of the emoji. 

Grub Street, a popular New York food magazine commented:

"And let’s talk about that distressingly smooth crust. What midwestern bagel factory did this bagel come out of?"

The author also commented on the stiff and bready interior of the sliced bagel.

Pat Kiernan, a presenter for Spectrum News NY1, was also displeased with Apple's bagel emoji design. He said:

"You call this factory-produced bagel an emoji that stands for all bagels??? New Yorkers demand more."

Pat also asked his followers in a later tweet to send him pictures of the bagels they were having for breakfast to shame Apple.

The New York Magazine Twitter account also damned the design of the bagel emoji, stating:

"This is an emoji that New Yorkers (and bagel lovers around the world) have been expecting for a long time and the disappointment is truly overwhelming "

Apple is yet to comment on the criticisms. Food emoji controversies have historically been patched slowly by their respective vendors.

Google's salad emoji which featured eggs was finally addressed earlier in the year. The Android developers removed the eggs after much criticism from vegetarians and vegans. The texture and colour of the emoji were also updated to appear more vibrant and leafy.

Previously, the tech giant also had to make fixes to their burger emoji. The design was widely criticised by food lovers the world over due to the burgers flawed construction.
Aaron Braund 05 Oct 2018

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