Android salad emoji updated: Now vegan friendly

Google have updated their salad design on Android devices to be more vegan friendly, removing the hard boiled egg and being in line with other platforms.
Google have revealed a new Android salad emoji design which now features 100% less egg, meaning that is much more friendly to vegans.

In an update on Twitter, Google’s User Experience Manager Jennifer Daniel revealed the new design, which is virtually identical to the previous version.

Android Salad Emoji Changes

The design is still majorly populated by leafy greens with the requisite sliced tomatoes. The major change however is the removal of hard boiled egg, which now makes this salad inclusive to vegans. A much less noticeable change is some colour tweaks, making the salad look more vibrant and green overall.

The Android salad emoji change brings the design in line with other platforms, who all feature vegan friendly designs. The only questionable design remaining is Facebook's, which looks like it includes some kind of cheese. However, this could be a cheese substitute. 

Microsoft's salad could also include eggs or cheese judging by the design, but the pixelated nature of their emojis makes it hard to distinguish. Twitter, Whatsapp and Samsung all have vegetable based salads which include a variety of different ingredients Iike peppers, radishes and even olives.

Google have struggled with food emojis in the past with two notable mistakes making headlines.The first was Android’s incredibly flawed burger emoji design, which placed a slice of cheese on the bottom of the burger. Foodies quickly caught on, citing that cheese belonged on the top of the burger patty.

The next mistake to be rectified was their glass of beer emoji, which despite the glass only being half full, still had a full head of foam, defying the laws of physics and beverage logic. With their Android salad emoji change coming soon to devices, it looks like Google’s pantry and fridge is starting to look normal.
Lauren Williams 17 Sep 2018

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