Apple iPhone Emojis: 70 New iPhone Emojis coming in 12.1

Apple officially announced that Unicode 11.0 emojis will be added in iOS 12.1.
iPhone creators Apple have confirmed that Unicode 11.0 emojis will be added in iOS 12.1.

70 new Apple iPhone emojis will be available when the update lands for the public later this year.

Apple have released a new beta build of the upcoming iOS, which features all of the new symbols.

The Unicode 11.0 emojis Apple designs were revealed earlier this year as part of World Emoji Day. But little has been heard about the symbols since.

It was thought that the new emoji would be available as part of iOS 12.0 - but it seems that the symbols weren't ready for the milestone OS update.

The latest iPhone emojis include new symbols for hair, food, sports and a selection of new animals.

New hair types coming later this year include emojis for ginger, afro and bald hair styles. Food wise, emoji users can look forward to bagels, cupcakes and the long-awaited salt shaker.

New animals include the kangaroo, lobster and parrot emojis.

New smiley faces are also updated in the latest emoji update. Party hat face, cold face, hot face and face with hearts adds a new range of smiley options.

There are also some more niche items like the evil eye charm, compass, luggage and the Chinese red envelope. New fantasy characters added with this update include designs for a superhero and super villain for all gender types.

In the same press announcement, Apple also announced its collaboration with Unicode on a range of disability-themed emojis. Earlier in the year, the American tech company unveiled the new emojis, which gives disabled emoji users a way to represent themselves. Already in the shortlist for 12.0, it's expected that these accessibility emojis will be approved early next year.
Aaron Braund 03 Oct 2018

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