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This emoji is similar in style to the Persevering Face, featuring the same tightly closed eyes. This face however features a much more distraught looking mouth. It could be argued that the emoji actually looks more in pain than actually tired, but this is up for debate. Depending on the platform used, this emoji can vary greatly in appearance - with the Android version being the most disparate of the group.

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How to use tired face emoji

If you want to show exhaustion but don’t want to use a Sleepy Face emoji to compliment your message, then you could use the Tired Face. Let’s say your friend group is debating whether to go out that night - but you were looking forward to an evening in with Youtube and crisps. In this situation, you could respond: not tonight guys, feeling bushed 😫

History of the 😫 emoji

The Tired Face emoji was approved in Unicode 6.0 which was an iconic version that included Tears of Joy, Sunglasses Face and Neutral face to name a few.

Also known as
Fed Up

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