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A face with a closed mouth and closed eyes, both expressed as straight lines. This emoji is very similar to neutral face, the only difference being the eyes. This is essentially the emoji equivalent of no comment but due to the closed expression, itโ€™s often thought of as a way to show tiredness. Unlike many emojis that tend to vary from platform to platform - the Expressionless Face is relatively unchanged from service to service. It could be suggested that this face was somewhat inspired by Japanese anime, which in certain situations shows characters with drawn lines showing neutral expressions.

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How to use expressionless face emoji

This is the perfect face if you wish to remain a totally neutral party in a dispute - letโ€™s say you have two friends who are engaged in an argument. They ask for your input or for you to side with one of them. Using this expression alone is enough to suggest that you wish to remain tight lipped regarding the whole affair - but you can also accompany with some text like โ€œnot getting involvedโ€. It is arguable that this emoji could express disapproval, therefore it may be a good option when reacting to pieces of information you disagree with. Letโ€™s say your friend tells you that new album by you favourite pop star kind of sucks. You can easily use the Expressionless Face to show that you disapprove of the notion.

History of the ๐Ÿ˜‘ emoji

The Expressionless emoji was added in Emoji 1.0 after being approved in Unicode 6.1.

Also known as
Face With Straight Mouth
Straight Face

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