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A face with tightly scrunched up eyes and a sad mouth - the Persevering Face is usually depicted as frowning. This emoji is often used to show helplessness in a situation, but can also be used to indicate that you donā€™t wish to see something. It could be denoted that the face is about to breakdown into tears.

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How to use persevering face emoji

With the emojiā€™s primary function to show helplessness, this face is ideal in situations where someone asks a favour or requires your assistance. Typically, a polite tactic with the emoji is to accompany the face with text so the receiver understands the context. Letā€™s say your friend wants to borrow money from you but you donā€™t get paid until next week. You could say: Sorry so skint atm šŸ˜£ If itā€™s a situation where someone is showing you something you donā€™t want to see, then the emoji could be used as a ā€œtoo much informationā€ type of message. For example, your friend sends you a pic of their brand new underwear, which also happens to have a hideous pattern on it. If you donā€™t mind causing a little bit of potential offence, you could say: Put them away! TMI šŸ˜£

History of the šŸ˜£ emoji

The emoji was approved in Unicode Version 6.0, the same version update that saw the Grinning Squinting Face.

Also known as
Helpless Face
Scrunched Eyes

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