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One of the more confusing emojis, the Hushed Face doesn’t actually appear to be hushed. In fact, this face is more indicative of surprise and is often used in this context. Previously, the Android version of the Hushed Face included a zipper for a mouth, but this was later changed in an update.

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How to use hushed face emoji

This emoji is ideal for reacting to shocking or surprising news. Typically the face by itself is all that is needed to show the emotion. However, if you want to change the tone of the surprise, some additional text may be required. Let’s say your friend surprises you with pizza, you could respond: Omg yes 😯 In the case of a more negative reaction, the face should stand up well by itself with no need for additional text.

History of the 😯 emoji

Hushed Face was added in Emoji 1.0 after being approved in Unicode 6.1. This version of Unicode included favourites like sleeping face, face with tongue and face with open mouth.

Also known as
Surprised Face

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