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A happy but cheeky face sticking out a tongue. Commonly used to show that you are not being serious or just joking. The emoji equivalent of saying “I’m joking” or “just kidding”. Also often known as the Cheeky Face or Tongue Face.

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How to use face with tongue emoji

Perfect for making jokes or whilst chatting with friends, the Face with Tongue is an all around good messaging choice. Let’s say you are conversing with your friend group and you decide to make a quip about your friends choice of sweater. In this scenario, you say the sweater kind of makes him look like a chicken - you could then follow this up with the face alone, implying that you are just messing around. Or you could accompany some text like: 😛 just kidding! Another more uncommon usage is to show hungriness or the desire to eat something. In this case, you could respond to an invitation for food or react to a social media post with the Tongue Face and perhaps some complimentary text, showing that you are hungry. Although arguably, the Face Savoring Food or the Drooling Face would be far better choices.

History of the 😛 emoji

Face with Tongue emoji was approved in Unicode Version 6.1 and was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015. This version of Unicode added 13 different faces including Worried Face and Grimacing Face.

Also known as
Tongue Face

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